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Finding the density of a mineral

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To find the density of a mineral we use the formula: density equals mass divided by volume

Firstly, to find the mass, we use the scale. We turn the scale on and place the mineral on it. We note the mass in grames (g)

Scale to measure the mass
Now, to find the volume we need a graduated cylinder, a beaker with 100mL of water and the mineral.
Beaker with 100 mL of water

We turn the 100mL into the graduated cylinder and put the mineral inside.
We read the graduated cylinder and subtract the 100mL to this volume.
We read 115 mL when we put the mineral inside.
So that, the volume of magnetite is:
                                              V=115mL- 100mL= 15 mL

Finally, we calculate density with the formula d= m/V

The units are: (g/mL) or (g/cm3)

g= grames
cm3= cubic centimeters
mL: mililiters

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